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To:  Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA and other eye research centres around the world

I am 19 years old, studying in Singapore. The floaters got me last year november, 2002. Since then, life is terrible and unenjoyable. Went to two local eye centers but was told that the floaters will be there for the REST OF MY LIFE. Having doubts about their statements, I searched the internet for solutions on floaters and came across this BBS, This was a great relive to me because I thought I am the only person who got this "weird" eye problem which I have never heard anybody mention before. I read through the BBS and found that many people are suffering from floaters that are much serious than mine. Eventhough my case is less serious, that does'nt mean I can overcome it. I still got the entopic phenomenon too. Half a year has past, and I am still suffering from floaters and entopic phenomenon, feel like giving up on life. I felt that I have wasted my teenage years due to this, I don't have the mood to do anything including studies and no confident to woo the girl I like, despite the encouragement from some of the forum posters. Currently I know of two methods to remove the floaters, Vitrectomy and Laser procedures, which is done by only two professionals around the world. But not many people when for those two procedures, instead they tried alternatives treatment such as supplements and eyedrops for long term basis. Too, i tried some of the supplements, but to no avail. Just as I browse through the forum, I came across this url,
This I believe is dated around end 2001 to 2002. Todays date is 9 April 2003.
Its been a long time and no progress or updates has been made. I am wnodering if they are serious on this project or not. All the eye doctors just don't know the hardship of having floaters. A single floater is enough to ruin and waste a person's life, especially in teenager years, example is me. The victims of floaters paid huge fees for consultation fee just for the phrase "Nothing can be done about floaters" I seriously do not believe there is no cure for this. There are so many eye dieseases and each has their prevention and treatment, even Myopia, but why not floaters? What is the meaning of life if we can't enjoy the sight of every beautiful things around us? So, I hope this petition can catch the attention of those eye research centers, to give us new hopes and enjoy back the clear blue sky once again.


La lettera ,semplice, personale e nel contempo così rappresentativa di tanta gente sofferente di opacità vitreali, ha suscitato una immediata e diffusa condivisione delle motivazioni del giovane studente e ha indotto una altrettanto numerosa e inaspettata  mobilitazione.
Quale migliore occasione poteva presentarsi in futuro per dimostrare l’esistenza di questa affezione, e evidenziarne numericamente la reale diffusione ? Quale altra iniziativa poteva presentarsi per ottenere la necessaria attenzione per un problema così minimizzato e poter concretamente orientare la ricerca di un’importante istituzione accademica ?

La  petizione fu ospitata nel forum  floaterstalk del sito  pub44.ezboard.

Si incominciarono a raccogliere le adesioni dall’aprile del 2003.
A Gennaio 2005 si contavano 5160 firme in totale ,un successo impensabile!
In tutti i siti e forum dove si parlava di oculistica, si riversarono e si moltiplicarono  i commenti di persone sofferenti di opacità vitreali.

Ecco riportato un esempio di quanto pubblicato allora ,che ha tanto impressionato i curatori del sito  “Centre di refractive excellence”

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