Italian Association for Vitreous Floaters
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What We See


The images below are reconstructions of what a person suffering from floaters actually sees: they have been provided by floater sufferers who have tried to depict what they see every day, fromthe moment they wake up until they go to sleep. As you can see, in some cases the person's field of vision is seriously compromised, making this a very debilitating problem. Notwithstanding the seriousness of the condition, the medical profession by and large dismisses it, given that it is normally unaccompanied by eye disease. This situation is completely unacceptable: this is not normal vision. If you suffer from floaters, or you know someone who does, please send us a representation of your floatersand we'll publish them anonymously here to give a voice to sufferers, and to ask for some basic rights. The right to have our problem recognised, the right to moral support, and the right to an effective treatment, just like patients who have any other eye problem.


  • La seguente immagine illustra piccole mosche volanti in movimento.
  • Un'illustrazione di un campo visivo molto compromesso dalle miodesopsie.
  • Mosche volanti a forma di stella molto comuni.
  • Grossi filamenti che passano davanti al campo visivo.
  • Macchia nera molto evidente al centro del campo visivo.
  • Questa foto e' la ricostruzione del campo visivo di una persona anch'essa affetta da miodesopsie in entrambi gli occhi.
  • Miodesopsia ingrandita al computer.
  • Campo visivo di un paziente affetto in maniera molto grave da miodesopsie.
  • Altra illustrazione di questa terribile problematica.